Richard Strauss, Hugo von Hofmannsthal and Alfred Roller. Commented edition of their correspondence.

The Theatermuseum holds the bequest of Alfred Roller and hence the material of one of the most important artists of the Austrian opera and theatre oeuvre of the early 20th century. The to date unpublished correspondence contains 38 letters of Richard Strauss and 70 letters of Hugo von Hofmannthal to Alfred Roller. The corresponding replies are kept by the Richard Strauss Archive Garmisch and by the Freie Deutsches Hochstift Frankfurt.

In cooperation with these institutions a commented edition is being produced which is of huge interest for both the scholary research on Hofmannsthal as well as for musicology and theatre studies. Besides the much read and often quoted correspondence between Hofmannsthal and Strauss, the letters exchanged with Alfred Roller allow a fresh view on pionering productions, such as Der Rosenkavalier, Jedermann and Die Frau ohne Schatten.

This collection of correspondences will be published in April 2021
„Mit dir keine Oper zu lang...”
Hugo von Hofmannsthal, Alfred Roller, Richard Strauss – Ein Briefwechsel.
Editors Christiane Mühlegger-Henhapel and Ursula Renner.
Benevento, 2021.


Project lead:
Dr. Christiane Mühlegger-Henhapel
Project associates:
Univ. Prof. Dr. Ursula Renner-Henke



Project duration

2014 until 2021 (Publishing date April 2021)

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