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Admired … desired …

Theatre cult and passionate collectorship

8 September 2020 until 2 August 2021

The Theatermuseum’s exceptional collection of artists’ souvenirs was born of a love of the theatre and the stars of the stage, combined with a passion for collecting. It comprises walking sticks, combs and hair pins, porcelain figures, busts and mementos from theatre buildings – objects that reflect the private and public lives of celebrated stars of the stage. Together they tell a very special story of theatre life in Vienna in the nineteenth and twentieth century. In addition to their emotional importance, anecdotes connected with artists and the buildings in which thespian history was made on many an evening, imbue these objects with exceptional cultural and socio-historical value.
The exhibition offers visitors a fascinating stroll through the memories of theatre lovers, and reflects their delight in magnificent, whimsical or simple souvenirs from the world of the theatre.

A diverse event programme will accompany the presentation. Please refer to our calendar.


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