Hieronymus Bosch, Weltgerichts-Triptychon, Detail, zw. 1490-1505, © Gemäldegalerie der Akademie der bildenden Künste

Bosch On Stage

Picture Gallery of the Academy of Fine Arts hosted by the Theatermuseum

Until 22 August 2021 only!

While the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna is closed for renovation, highlights from its Picture Gallery are on show in the Theatermuseum: in addition to the collection’s most famous work, Hieronymus Bosch’s celebrated triptych The Last Judgement, the show includes countless outstanding works by Dutch and Flemish masters such as Rubens, Rembrandt and van Dyck, as well as important works by Cranach the Elder, Titian, Guardi, Murillo and many others.

In addition, there are periodic exhibitions of selected masterpieces from the Print Collection. Comprising around 40,000 drawings, 100,000 prints and 20,000 photographs, this historic collection of graphic works reflects the three-hundred-year-long history of teaching at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna.

Current Temporary Exhibition
Rudolf Jettmar (1869–1939)
A Symbolist at the Vienna Academy

Until 22 August 2021

The painter and graphic artist Rudolf Jettmar was a leading representative of Austrian Symbolism. In his works, he focuses on the human body, which functions as a projection field for symbolistic content such as ideas that transcend rational comprehension.
The exhibition explores the main subjects and characteristics of Jettmar’s œuvre; though the focus in on his etchings, his paintings and drawings in the collection are also included in show.

For further information on temporary exhibitions, guided tours and events please refer to: www.akademiegalerie.at




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