Walk of Fame

The Simultaneity of Success and Persecution

November 16, 2023 to April 1, 2024

The intervention Walk of Fame at the Theater Museum in Vienna sheds light on little-known or completely forgotten actors of Viennese theatre life between 1900 and 1938.

14 selected personalities represent a cosmopolitan Jewish (theatre) modernity that, from today‘s perspective, paints a fascinating picture of Vienna as a cosmopolitan city with a cross-border understanding of culture.

The range of ”theatre multi-talents“ presented spans from Else Feldmann (playwright), Henny Pia Herzer (student director), Camilla Frydan (composer), Maria Gutmann (director/actress/dramaturge), Lia Rosen (actress) and Helene Richter (theatre historian/critic/Anglist) to Heinrich Glücksmann (dramaturge), Oscar Friedmann (librettist/journalist), Armin Friedmann (playwright/journalist), Josef Rehberger (actor), Siegfried Geyer (theatre critic/stage manager), Siegfried Löwy (theatre critic), Hans Liebstöckl (journalist) and theatre-goer Bernhard Krakauer.

The cultural heritage of this era of cosmopolitanism is hardly present in Vienna today. Walk of Fame goes in search of traces and brings the lives and work of these inspiring personalities back to light and tells the story of forgetting as a story of the Holocaust and expulsion.

A cooperation of the Theatermuseum with students and the archive of the Department of Theatre, Film and Media Studies at the University of Vienna.

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