Nuda Veritas

Gustav Klimt

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Gustav Klimt's celebrated painting Nuda Veritas (1899) was bequested by Hermann Bahr to the Theater Museum. "Naked Truth" seems to challenge its beholder with unguarded frontality. The mirror in her hand confronting the audience becomes a programmatic attitude. Schiller's quotation: "IF YOUR DEED AND YOUR ART DO NOT PLEASE EVERYONE, PLEASE ONLY A FEW. PLEASING EVERYONE IS FATAL." stands for uncompromising artistic truthfulness, in the very best sense of the Secession movement, which elected Gustav Klimt as their first president.


What is the story about the mirror? Does it show the truth or a distortion, visions or copy? Truth or lie? Which symbols do you associate?
5th till 13th grade
Duration 1 hour


Mag. Karin Mörtl
T +43 1 525 24 5310


1 hour:
Up to 13 persons € 40,- (flat)
From 14 persons € 3,- per person

1,5 hours:
Up to 13 persons € 56,- (flat)
From 14 persons € 4,- per person

Dates upon request!

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