Hermann Bahr and Arthur Schnitzler. Edition of the Correspondence and Supporting Documentation

The proposed project is a full scholarly edition of the previously incomplete and error-laden publication of the correspondence between Hermann Bahr (1863–1934) and Arthur Schnitzler (1862–1931). While bringing to light animosities between the writers, the correspondence also illustrates the significance of their transnational networks. These aspects of the letters give invaluable insight into the genesis of Viennese modernism as an international phenomenon and are of significant value for scholars of Austrian literature and culture, as well as for cultural studies and transnational literary studies at large. By incorporating partly unpublished diaries, archival materials, and cutting-edge research practices in literature, the project aims to bridge the gaps that necessarily arise when close personal exchanges are the research subject. At the close of the project's 20-month timeframe, a comprehensive and accurate portrait of the exchange between Bahr and Schnitzler will be available to scholars worldwide in both print and digital form.


Project lead:
Dr. Kurt Ifkovits
Dr. Martin Anton Müller


FWF Der Wissenschaftsfonds
Project P 27811-G23

Project duration


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