The Magic Space

Research results on stage design of the 18th to the 21st century

Small scale stage models, taking us into the world of theatre, have an enchanting magic that the beholder hardly ever can elude.

The unique collection of stage models at the Theatermuseum demonstrates the development of the European stage scenery from the baroque era with its impressive coulisse technique, the decorative illusionary stages during historism, to the complex designs of contemporary podia.

With nearly 1.000 objects the Theatermuseum's stage model collection is amongst the most extensive and important of its kind and not only allows an impressive insight of style development in stage design from the late medieval times to the 21st century but also gives a fascinating view of nearly 400 years of European and Austrian theatre and opera history.

The collection catalogue The Magic Space was published by Holzhausen publishing house in 2015.


Project lead:
Dr. Ulrike Dembski
Project associates:
Dr. Rudi Risatti



Project duration


Collection Catalogue
Der magische Raum
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