Restoration & Conservation

In order to correspond with the Theatermuseum’s collection inventory and the quality of its objects, a studio for the restoration and conservation of textiles and paper was installed.

The department takes care of the museum's own exhibition projects and those of other institutions. The conservator team is responsible for all tasks around transportation and storage, restoration and conservation of important works of art, the portfolio’s documentation and control of storage.

Complex projects in the past were concentrated on a new inventory of more than 100 costumes, which have been integrated into the Theatermuseum’s collection thanks to the Art for Art costume department, the restoration of the unique Richard Teschner figurines and the cleaning and preservation of the paper theater inventory.


Mag. Kurt List
+43 1 525 24 5322

Mag. art. Nadja Pohn
+43 1 525 24 5411

Anna Schiff
+43 1 525 24 5317

Mag. art. Angela Sixt
Kuratorin Teschners Figurenspiegel und Aufführungen, Restauratorin
+43 1 525 24 5410

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