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Donations to the Theatermuseum

The Theatermuseum unites collections on all topics of the performing arts and houses testimonies of stage art from spoken and musical theatre to dance and film to puppet theatre. Our extensive holdings are catalogued, scientifically processed, researched and exhibited as far as possible. In order to be able to carry out elaborate special projects, we are dependent on financial support.

Even in times of general budget shortages, it is important to us to continue to guarantee the quality and quantity of our activities and to fulfil our core tasks in such a way that future generations will also benefit from them. With your donation you help us to fulfil these important tasks and to preserve the cultural treasures of our collections for the future.

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Art needs art lovers and art lovers need art – it has always been that way. Our membership circle with its many benefits offers everything an art-loving heart could wish for.

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Become a Cultural Patron

Many objects in the Theatermuseum impressively illustrate the development of stagecraft over the course of time. By becoming a sponsor, you help to conserve, restore and research our holdings. In doing so, you make a significant contribution to the preservation of our extraordinary collections.

Your commitment as a sponsor will be rewarded with exceptional insights into our collection areas and exclusive access to our scientific museum activities. And a sponsorship lasts forever! Your name will remain permanently linked to your "godchild" in the electronic museum inventory.

Give your loved ones a special treat: pass on values to your children and grandchildren in the form of a sponsorship or give sponsorships as gifts on the occasion of birthdays, anniversaries and weddings. We look forward to your commitment!

Find your theatre memento!

The veneration of the Viennese for their theatre and opera stars is legendary. One expression of this enthusiasm is the passion with which some fans still collect souvenirs from the private and artistic environment of their stage darlings.

By taking on a sponsorship, you can not only express your own admiration for the former greats of the Austrian stage, but also support the preservation of the unique collection of artists' memorabilia housed in the Theatermuseum.

Adopt a unique puppet!

One of the most valued treasures in our museum is Richard Teschner's "Figure Mirror". Teschner created a complex dramatic artwork with his revolutionary figurine theatre, for which he developped an entirely new expressive puppet type.

The magical and yet very fragile rod-puppets need extremely time consuming restorative care. Support us to keep this collection in the best possible state and adopt one of our puppets as your personal protégé.

Donations to the Theatermuseum (KHM-Museumsverband) made as part of our “Adopt a Unique Puppet” programme are tax-deductible as incidental expenditure.

Depictions of the figurines which urgently need your support are currently updated.

Our Protégés Need Your Support Urgently

Donation packages

FIRST AID € 150,-

  • Donation certificate of the selected puppet
  • Registration in our inventory


  • Donation certificate of the selected puppet
  • Registration in our inventory
  • Guided tour with a curator


  • Exclusive donation for a puppet
  • Donation certificate of the selected puppet
  • Registration in our inventory
  • Guided tour with a curator
  • Visit of our "puppet clinic" with restorer Angela Sixt


We will gladly offer you personal advice:

Donations and Cultural Patronages
Sandra Eichinger, BA
+43 1 52524 - 4038

Corporate Sponsorship
Julia Kosely, BA, BSc.
+43 1 525 24 - 4032

Merve Acar
+43 1 52524 - 4037

Account holder: KHM-Museumsverband
IBAN: AT70 6000 0005 1014 1679
Reference: Donation for the Theatermuseum

Es lohnt sich:

Ab einer Spende von

  • € 100 - Einladung zum jährlichen Spender*innenempfang
  • € 500 - Einladung zu einem Gespräch mit unseren Expert*innen
  • € 1.000 - Einladung zu einer Führung durch unsere Sammlungen
  • € 20.000- Namentliche Nennung im Museum.

Zu Ihrer Patenschaft erhalten Sie zusätzlich:

  • Eine persönliche Patenschafts-Urkunde
  • Namentliche Erwähnung im elektronischen Inventar

Spenden an das Theatermuseum im Rahmen einer Patenschaft sind als Sonderausgabe steuerlich absetzbar.

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