Gertrud Kraus in "Wodka", Wien around 1924. Theatermuseum © KHM-Museumsverband

Everybody dances.

The Cosmos of Viennese Dance Modernism

March 21, 2019 - February 10, 2020

During the first third of the 20th century Vienna ranked amongst the most important international centres of Modern Dance. The exhibition, organised in cooperation with the Musik und Kunst Privatuniversität der Stadt Wien (MUK), attempts to inscribe significant female dancers into Vienna’s great historical narrative. It focuses on dancers, choreographers and teachers such as Isadora Duncan, Grete Wiesenthal, Gertrud Bodenwieser and Rosalia Chladek as well as Valeria Kratina, Gertrud Kraus, Hilde Holger and others who were the pioneers for the European Modernism. The show illustrates the variety and concentration of a female-dominated dance scene which was destroyed by Nazi dictatorship and further developed in exile.

Threads are spun between the productive and socio-critical spirit of that time and today through enduring movement techniques of Modernism and related topics. Hence, the presentation, curated by Andrea Amort and designed by Thomas Hamann, concludes with film contributions by Amanda Piña, Doris Uhlich, Thomas Kampe and Simon Wachsmuth.

A varied performative programme complements the exhibition.
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In addition, the elaborated and richly illustrated publication „Alles tanzt. Kosmos Wiener Tanzmoderne“ (ed. Andrea Amort) will accompany the show. From the point of view of dance researchers, artists and experts from adjacent artistic fields the publication aims at broadening Austria's cultural memory by this mainly female-dominated Viennese Dance Modernism until 1938 and its influence to date.



Exhibition Catalogue 2019
Alles tanzt
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