Theater professionals give insight into their work!

Actor – a dream job?

What lies behind glitter and glamour? Actress Katharina Scholz-Manker reports about her experience on and behind the stage and shows job-specific exercises for the voice, language and the development of a role – or the harmlessness of a theater slap.
8th till 13th grade
Duration 1 hour

Focus Stage model

During a stroll through our exhibition of historic „Acting spaces“ stage designer Bettina Hornung presents an overview of various stage and architecture models and gives insight to her work based on practical examples of contemporary theater productions.
8th till 13th grade
Duration 1 hour

Focus Costumes

Velvet and silk make hearts beat faster. However, what needs to be considered in order the best stage effect is achieved? What professional formation is essential for a costume designer? What is their everyday work life like? Based on practical examples costume designer Bettina Hornung gives insight into her work.
8th till 13th grade
Duration 1 hour


Mag. Karin Mörtl
T +43 1 525 24 5310


1-stündige Angebote:
bis 13 Kinder € 40 (pauschal)
ab 14 Kinder € 3 pro Kind

1,5-stündige Angebote:
bis 13 Kinder € 56 (pauschal)
ab 14 Kinder € 4 pro Kind

2-stündige Angebote:
bis 13 Kinder € 80 (pauschal)
ab 14 Kinder € 6 pro Kind

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